• The management is highly motivated and very effective. We treat the franchise Partners as our own and that will usually lead to higher sales and profit levels.
  • With various franchise opportunities available, we can ensure, we will help you make the right decisions, so you can hit the ground running and grow your business, quickly and easily.
  • Sunrise goal is to continuously exceed the expectations of their patrons, customers, shareholders and business partners.
  • Our people are the source of our success. Sunrise associates share a deep commitment to assortment – in people and ideas, which keep us apart from rest of the market.
  • Using deep research and insights, Sunrise combines the art and science of Décor & Gifting to create products that excite consumers and brands that inspire loyalty. Sunrise responsibly manages the industry’s most efficient and complex supply chain, which extents multiple geographies, product categories and distribution channels.
  • You can grow your network to utmost levels as we develop your structure to recruit, train and support you from all ends, keeping your brand image on National level.
  • Sunrise stand always ready to support your franchising & development plans. Are you ready to act?
Business Model
Area Requirement 1500 sqft onwards
Investment INR 25 Lakhs Onwards
Franchise/ Brand Fee INR 3 Lakhs
Franchise Security Deposit INR 2 Lakhs
Location for the franchised Store Main Market, Easily Accessible With Good Visibility Of Front Fascia


* Minimum frontage of 15 feet is required for setting up Store and the franchise must have the working capital minimum of INR 25  lakhs onwards.

* Please note that these fees apply to franchisees applying for the continental Indian market. Fees may change based on your country of application.

Expansion Locations
North East West South Central Union Territories
Delhi Assam Gujarat Kerala Chhattisgarh Pondicherry
Punjab Meghalaya Rajasthan Karnataka Madhya Pradesh Chandigarh
Himachal Pradesh Mizoram Maharashtra Tamilnadu Bihar Lakshadweep
Haryana Tripura Goa Andhra Pradesh Jharkhand Daman and Diu
Jammu and Kashmir Arunachal Pradesh
Uttaranchal Manipur
Uttar Pradesh Nagaland
West Bengal
Franchise Form

    With two decades in the industry and our core professional team having experience 25+ years in franchising, we know what it takes to be a successful franchisor. Our depth of knowledge and commitment to helping our Franchisees succeed have helped us create training and support systems that are unparalleled in the industry. We provide extensive training with hands-on field operational support that starts the moment you become a franchisee.
    Marketing Support Training And Support
    Online Marketing Asset Library Annual Convention
    Media Planning Tools Sunrise Things To Ponder
    Sunrise Website support Training Manuals
    Quarterly Launch Calls Training at all levels
    CRM Program Sunrise Launch Plan Time Frame
    Branded Merchandise Brand Management
    Exclusive Digital Content Construction know how plans and models
    Sunrise Brand Led Marketing Promotions Competition Survey
    Sunrise News Letters Store Launch Planning with Promotional tools
    Visual Merchandising support


    * Each franchise store is similar in appearance and is designed by utilizing standardized specifications, to increase the speed and lower the cost of new store openings. Our stores are state of the art and are universal in look and appearance, so as to give the same feel regardless of the location of the store.

    Agreement and Term Details
    Once the applicant applies to become Sunrise Décor& Gifts Franchise, a team will contact them to understand the applicant’s needs and evaluate the needs and the location (if existing). The applicant would then be asked to sign the MOU, and the team will share detailed business information with the applicant. As soon as the applicant confirms the head office approval, the franchise needs to sign a franchise agreement.
    1 Who is the potential candidate for Sunrise Décor & Gifts Franchise?

    A dedicated, disciplined, outgoing, positive, customer-friendly person who is passionate about people, Decor & Gifts. Right prospect will be someone who believes in commitment to Sunrise Décor & Gifts system.

    2 How can I get started right away?

    Fill out the franchise application form online and submit it. One of the Franchise team members will contact you immediately.

    3 How much do I need to invest?

    The initial investment depends exclusively on the franchise model you opt for.

    4 How long does it take to get my store open?

    Depending on the inquiry, obtain ability of site, its condition, reviewing, permitting and financing, it may take 50 to 60 Days.

    5 What if I want a franchise model with minimum investment?

    Currently, we have two unique franchise models- Fortune model and Premium model. You can choose from the two in accordance with your budget and Profit you expect.

    6 How much is the franchisee fee?

    Franchisee fee 3 Lakh.

    7 What business support will I receive as part of Sunrise Décor & Gifts Franchise System?

    You will get a step by step program – LAUNCH PLAN for opening and operating your store. Business support includes site selection, store launch, inventory management, store operation manuals, merchandise supply, assistance in marketing promotions, billing software and training program, etc.

    8 Do I need to have any prior experience to run my new store?

    All we need is customer service skills and a great passion for our products. Moreover, we provide store operations manual to help you run your new store efficiently on a regular basis.

    9 What is the minimum area required setting up the store?

    1500 sq.feet. This is in reference to the Fortune model.

    10 How much will the complete franchise investment cost me?

    Total investment cost differs from model to model.

    Total Investment Approx. 25-45 Lakhs  45-65 Lakhs Onwards
    11 Is there any royalty fee?

    NO royalty fee

    12 Is there a direct financing available to franchisees?

    But we may help you find a qualified financing ways

    13 What is the initial term of the franchise agreement?

    Life long also depends upon the loyalty towards the brand Sunrise Décor & Gifts

    14 Are there any marketing or advertising fees?

    Yes @ 200 per day

    15 Will I receive guidance on purchase of inventory and supplies?

    We give guidance on buying of supplies and inventory to satisfy seasonal needs.

    16 What are the site requirements for Sunrise Décor & Gifts store?

    Traffic pattern at the site, peak business hours, local residents, surrounding markets, nearby attractions, local competition, local Decor and Home Furnishing are few of the many site requirements. We also provide guidance on selecting a suitable location. However, the final decision resides with you.

    17 How can I renew my Franchise Agreement?

    Check it out at column 13 for your perusal

    18 Can I sell my franchise store? If yes, how and to whom can I sell it?

    You can sell your store by paying a transfer fee in relation to each resale. However, the buyer must be qualified and approved by Sunrise Décor & Gifts with all legal formalities in lieu